EST. APRIL 14, 2007

Since the fall semester of 2003 the women of New York University have researched possible sororities with the characteristics that they deemed essential in providing a long lasting impact on the NYU Community, women empowerment efforts, and academic excellence. Although the other sororities on campus well represented other ideals and beliefs, they did not represent their own. The women at NYU longed for an organization that would properly represent their ideals and beliefs, along with their culture. Desiring to join an organization consisting of diverse women, who would exceptionally serve their communities, Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. met and superseded these qualifications. In the Spring 2007, under the guidance of Tanya Ortiz (Xi Chapter), Patricia Perez (Zeta Chapter) and Giselle Brown (Tau Chapter), the Alpha line, “Adesina,” composed of 5 women, established a safe haven where they could come together to celebrate culture, accomplishments, joys, sorrows,

and most importantly, sisterhood.

The Beta Gamma Chapter of OPBSI has enlightened the campus in many ways. Warmly welcomed by the Greek community, the Beta Gamma Chapter thrived as a contributing addition to the Greek Council and is one of few that continuously caters to a diverse membership. As an entitiy of OPBSI, they're prideful in serving and educating their respective communities. Thus, the Beta Gamma chapter has been involved in a variety of educational programs, social/cultural programs, community service efforts, unity/social activities, Raise the Awareness of Violence Against Women activities since their inception. The Beta Gamma Chapter embraces the struggles of women and has created a positive and prominent representation of women at

New York University.